Association Freedom WINGS

  • Civil Partnership

    Freedom WINGS

    We are a non-profit organization, which serves as a bridge between the people abandoned Guatemala with people nationally and internationally, that aim to implement a practice of sustainable development for the benefit of those most in need.

    We serve God, sharing the good news of heaven to those in need, in accordance with the teachings of jesus Christ, without discrimination by reason of race, creed, or color.

  • Nursing home

    House of Refuge

    The Foundation House of Refuge is located in the municipality of Initially, department of el Quiché. Aims to provide housing, food, and dignity of human persons older than 60 years who lack economic resources for their maintenance. 

  • College Montessori Life

     It is a method that offers a broad view on education, this being a tool for life. The method is based on the principles of the natural development of the child and supports the child in their internal construction during its growth.

  • Program of Comprehensive Assistance

    The Maripositas

    It is one of the projects of the Association Freedom WINGS that was created to provide care to children and adults in a state of vulnerability. Supporting with nutrition programs, physical therapy, special education, and links to medical.


    Middle school Comprehensive and Entrepreneurship.


    Physiotherapy, Nutrition Program and Conferences.


    Attention and care of older adults.


    Quality primary education with moral principles.

    Where do we serve?

    Association freedom WINGS guatemala Central America

    We serve God in the municipalities of Initially and Uspantán, Quiche, Guatemala, Central America. 


    Community impact

    God has allowed us to serve, to bless these people.

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    Graduates of the university level
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    Receive physical therapy every week
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    If you want to donate, you can contact us to our WhatsApp on this site.

    Financial Transparency

    Get to know how to invest the resources that God has provided for us in His grace and favor. In this section you will find the opinions of the audited Financial statements for the last 4 years of the fiscal year.

    Our projects depend on the faithfulness of God and the support of the following

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