The New Hope Educational Project

ALAS’ vision is to transform lives in an integral way. This is how the Nueva Esperanza Educational Project was initially started, in 2001 with a group of students who had the desire to continue studying, but did not have the means o to do so. Our Project covers three levels of education: Middle School, High School and University.


The initial project was started after the invitation of the community leaders, as a necessity to serve children and families displaced by the armed conflict and civil war in Guatemala. It was started in order to provide them with a continuity of education, after little access to education from primary level, and none to secondary and tertiary level education.

The need was seen to build an Educational Institute, where young people could continue studying. This was built little by little, classroom by classroom. All the parents helped with the construction, as did the students.

Experimental Agricultural Teaching

Students of each grade and section have a designated area within the institute where they are taught agriculture. They are taught he cultivation and harvest of many different types of produce, in the open field and under greenhouses using innovative agricultural techniques. Agricultural teaching is of high quality and an approach to teaching agricultural entrepreneurship and productivity as part of a course called "Agricultural Cooperatives."

Advice on Educational Models

Advising on Educational Models consists of implementing an interactive virtual platform with a wide variety of pedagogical resources already prepared, such as learning planning with their respective contents and bibliographic citations, short exams, bimonthly exams, curricular integration models, tutoring systems, school entrepreneurship and many audiovisual resources to teach the class with excellence. Teachers will be able to interact with each other, to update, improve and contextualize the contents of the virtual platform. The platform will allow the active participation of parents, to be informed of the progress in the comprehensive training of their children and where they can obtain advice to provide support to their children at home.

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