Family House of Protection

The Good Samaritan Family House was founded to respond and give protection to vulnerable families for a period of free stay up to four (4) months. Likewise, accommodation and protection will be provided to women who suffer domestic violence.

Extending a hand to the next

The people who will be served in the project are:

  • Women who suffer from domestic violence.
  • People affected by natural disasters.
  • People in a state of widowhood.

It will be provided:

  • Accommodation and decent food.
  • Vocational activities (sewing, gardens, etc.)
  • Psychological assistance to people who suffer from violence.
  • Follow-up of cases before justice authorities for domestic violence.

Support needed:

  • A bank account is counted to receive donations with transparency.
  • Groceries
  • Cleaning articles
  • Linens.

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