AFRIPICA, is a delicious gourmet spicy ... a unique creation that was born from the fusion of our secret South African recipe and the flavor of our Guatemalan chilies, in order to create our unmatched product in its branch as well as in its chain of benefit for each phase of production. ¡Sabor Gourmet + Comercio Justo + Apoyo a la Educación Guatemalteca = AFRIPICA!

The heart of AFRIPICA is located in a small town in the Sierra de Cuchumatanes de Quiché, Guatemala. We are coordinated by a group of generous friends who are the engine of the Asociación la Libertad ALAS. They established two institutes, one for the basic cycle and the other for the diversified cycle. An extension of the Mariano Gálvez University of Guatemala was also created. The students grow jalapeno peppers as part of a course called "Agricultural Cooperatives" promoted in schools, where the peppers that the students themselves produce are bought. The industrial kitchen where AFRIPICA is manufactured is located on the same site as the Educational Project. AFRIPICA is not just a delicious gourmet spice, but a part of a holistic development system. Sales of our spicy go back directly to the schools' budget support to help pay teacher salaries.

The fusion of culture and flavor making everyone become family!

If you want an exquisite spicy and at the same time support Guatemalan rural education, we invite you to try our delicious AFRIPICA spicy. You will really be satisfied to have tasted it! For more information visit our website.

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